Outdoor living space with lush greenery, fresh, green lawn, two sets of wooden tables with chairs, and retaining walls.

The Perfect Space For Perfect Time Outdoors

If you have a busy life, taking some time to relax or entertain can feel like a luxury you can’t afford. But a bit of you time doesn’t necessarily mean going on an expensive vacation. Sometimes all you need is a cozy corner at home.

Using your backyard to its full potential is the first step towards relaxing in private whenever you feel like it. Imagine a beautiful outdoor living space where you can retreat from your daily hassle and share special moments with your loved ones over a barbecue weekend.

It’s your turn to bring the magic of nature back into your life. Combine a beautiful design with functional outdoor furniture, custom upgrades, and your favorite plants to create a space that inspires you to spend more time outside, day by day.


A beautiful outdoor space is an investment that makes sense if you’re a homeowner – and one that pays for itself quickly. It not only enhances your property’s value but also makes you healthier and happier.

Surely you can bring your favorite plants inside, especially during the winter months when you spend even less time outdoors. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a space where you could enjoy them in the open air all year round?

You can design the perfect outdoor oasis that reflects your style and personality while staying within the budget. From a small patio or deck to a large backyard complete with water features, a fire pit, pergola, and an outdoor kitchen, you have plenty of options.

Superior Landscaping Services

Whether you need an efficient drainage solution to turn your backyard into a healthy space again, or you wish to redesign your entire outdoor living space from scratch, we’re here to help you make it happen.

Outdoor living space with wooden couch and white pillow seats, stone paved floor, stone decor on the patio pillars, wooden patio cover, and medium sized shrubs.

Outdoor Living Spaces

If you’d rather spend more time outside than feeling cramped inside your home, creating a beautiful outdoor space is an absolute must for you.

Imagine a cozy evening on a lounge chair in your backyard with a glass of wine in your hand. You admire the flickering flames of your fire pit while your custom waterfall creates a soothing background noise. Even a couple of hours spent in your backyard will feel like a treat.

We’re here to make sure you can experience great moments outdoors and turn them into cherished memories. From using the best planting material for your landscape to getting a pond, a fire feature, or your patio redesigned, you can create the perfect outdoor living space just the way you imagine it.

Drainage Solutions

A functional backyard is every homeowner’s dream, but the maintenance and upkeep can sometimes be a hassle. It all gets even more complicated when there’s a problem with your backyard’s drainage system.

Every rain can result in a swampy-looking yard, which means your kids’ or grandkids’ playtime outside, or the lovely backyard dinner you had planned, all get compromised. Not to mention all the mud you’ll bring inside every time you go out.

By installing a properly functioning drainage system, you’ll never have to worry about an unusable backyard or unexpected landscape damage again. You deserve to enjoy a good-looking, functional backyard all year round.

Night view of a house landscape alley with stone edges, outdoor lighting features, two white chairs, and trees in the background.

Landscape Lighting

Nothing beats the feeling of looking at your home’s landscape and feeling proud of what you see. From your home’s facade to your backyard’s lovely plants and landscaping, they all deserve to be showcased, even if it’s dark outside. Landscape lighting is an easy solution to enhance your home’s best features while also making it safer.

If you love to spend time outside and summer evenings with your friends often extend till midnight, landscape lighting allows you to enjoy the outdoors however long you please. Not only will it boost your late-night outdoor time experience, but it will make your property stand out in the neighborhood too.

Choose from hundreds of outdoor lighting options to customize every part of your outdoor space. Next time you plan for a late gathering at your place, you will surely impress your guests.

Our Seamless Process

Getting the home landscape of your dreams is easy and hassle-free. We put our best skills to use and stay committed to delivering the excellent end result you expect to receive. Relax and get ready to make plans for more time outside with your loved ones.

Phone Consultation

Reach out to us and share your vision for your home landscape.

We’ll have a phone consultation to discuss your project more and schedule you in for an in-home consultation too.

Transforming Your Landscape

After designing your landscape and ordering the best planting materials and products, we get to work.

While we work on your space, we’ll keep you updated and in the loop of everything going on around your home.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

You’ve been planning for a beautiful home landscape for a while, and now you can finally enjoy it.

It’s time to make the best of it and create memorable times with your loved ones over a barbecue or a summer cocktail party in your backyard. You deserve it!

Our Story

Starting at 11 years old and going all the way through high school, Bryan Kerr became known as the neighborhood boy who cut everyone’s grass. He enjoyed the process of turning an unsightly yard into a clean, sharp-looking, green-grassed space.

In 2001, Bryan started Kerr Landscaping to continue offering quality workmanship to his local community. Over time, the business became a full-service landscaping business. From mulching, building retaining walls, sidewalks and walkways, to large patios, ponds and water features, and landscape lighting, we’ve done it all.

Your landscaping project is in the best hands possible. When we’re not elevating Maryland’s landscaping, we’re attending classes, seminars, and getting the best education in the industry for all our team members to make sure we always provide you with the best services.  

Here’s What Our Happy Customers Say…

When we work on a landscaping project, we’re not just building another space. We create the perfect environment for our customers to enjoy some of the best moments in their lives, surrounded by nature. That’s what makes our work all worth it.


“We would like to thank you very much Bryan, for the great job you did on landscaping our front yard.

You suggested the shrubs and proper placement of them, so that they would enhance the looks of the design. You and your crew did a very professional job in planting everything and when finished, it has drawn praises from our neighbors. Your fees were very much in line and we would highly recommend your services to anyone interested.

Thank you again Bryan, for your excellent services.”

Buz and Lula Hogan


Dealing with Kerr Landscaping has been a great experience for both me and my real estate clients.

The advice that Bryan offers is sound; he enjoys working with people to make their experience with his company a positive one.

I have used Kerr Landscaping for my landscaping for several years and each project has turned out beautifully. As a Realtor, I have also recommended Kerr Landscaping to re-do the landscaping to give a house more all-important curb appeal or to tame overgrown landscaping so that it compliments the house.

Bryan offers prompt service, quality products, excellent workmanship and fair prices.

Linda Gray


I want to express our thanks and appreciation to Bryan Kerr of Kerr Landscaping for his help in getting Goshen ES ready for opening day.

Bryan donated his time and resources to spruce up the flower beds at our front entrance. T

hey look fabulous and definately contributed to our welcome back to parents and students. Thanks!

Goshen Elementary School

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